Sustainable finance & the role of corporate governance & reporting: how integration and impact are the way forward

Joint ACCA- IIRC- CFA Institute conference

3 December 2019

Sustainable finance & the role of corporate governance & reporting: how integration and impact are the way forward

Press Club, 95 rue Froissart, 1040 Brussels,14.00-17.50h, followed by a cocktail reception

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Sustainability and a Green New Deal are at the heart of the European’s forthcoming programme, as part of the EU’s commitments  to achieve the Paris Climate Agreement goals, more resource-efficient and sustainable economy, as well as climate neutrality by 2050. This implies unprecedented modernisation and change from all parts of our economies, and  sustainable finance can play a fundamental role in this. All three components – environmental, social and governance (ESG) – are integral parts of sustainable economic development and finance, and to achieve this, we need to strike the right balance between sustainable finance and long-term value creation, and  to scale up green investment at the level that the world needs.

At present, many tools do exist to align corporate strategies with social and environmental outcomes, but demands are growing for more precision and transformative change. Businesses and their finance teams are increasingly called upon to monitor and report on social and environmental risks and improve business models to redefine how they create value. This is becoming a genuine and strategic shift to more effectively disclosing and managing risks, understanding dependencies and exploring new opportunities for participating in, and contributing to, a changing economy that is decoupled from environmental degradation and recoupled to societal benefit. The investment industry is  also increasingly focusing on the role and importance of ESG factors in corporate value creation and risk mitigation, and corporate disclosures, as well as  wider ESG data serve as the bedrock for these investment processes.

ACCA,  IIRC and CFA Institute are delighted to welcome you to a lively discussion on the crucial role of corporate governance and reporting in the process, and how integration and impact are the way forward. This event will also launch in Brussels  the joint ACCA-CFA Institute report called Social and environmental value creation, which examines the role that business and finance is fulfilling in meeting these new challenges

With key notes speeches: Heidi Hautala, MEP; Eva Lindström, Member of the  European Court of Auditors; Jonathan Labrey, Chief Strategy Officer,IIRC &  Alan Johnson, Deputy President of IFAC

 And two panel discussions:

  • Panel 1 on multi-capital value creation risks and opportunities: Confirmed speakers include Jimmy Greer, ACCA; Lois Guthrie, CDSB & WBCSD; Camille André, Green Growth Knowledge Platform; Olivier Boutellis-Taft, AccountancyEurope; Kazim Razvi, CFA Institute ; speaker from UNEP FI/PRI (name tbc);
  • Panel 2 on the way forward: Confirmed speakers include Gianpiero Nacci, EBRD; Geraldine Ang, OECD;  Alain Deckers, DG FISMA; Thomas Verheye, DG ENVI; Saskia Slomp,  EFRAG; Alessandro d’Eri, ESMA

Please note that pictures, videos, and audio recordings will be made at this event in which you may be featured. By attending this event, you grant the organisers the right to use such material for non-commercial purposes, including the posting of photos and/or videos on our website. If you wish to object to this, please contact the organisers.

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